Bioinformatics DiBiG

New ICBR Bioinformatics group, DiBiG

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Digital Biology Group (DiBiG), a new subunit within the ICBR Bioinformatics core. DiBiG provides full-spectrum bioinformatics services to UF researchers, including […]

Ferl and Paul - space biology plants on ISS

ICBR director continues space biology research

University of Florida scientists, including ICBR’s director, will send a sixth experiment to space to better understand biological functions with the SpaceX-3 Dragon capsule launch to the International Space Station. […]

IBD Boat - UF College of Veterinary Medicine

UF researchers develop blood test for devastating disease of boas and pythons

By Sarah Carey, UF College of Veterinary Medicine University of Florida researchers have developed a simple immune-based screening test to identify the presence of a debilitating and usually fatal disease […]