Use of ICBR services constitutes acceptance and agreement to abide by ICBR policies. ICBR reserves the right to modify policies at any time and customers are advised to regularly review these policies. The policies outlined  on this page have been created to ensure the integrity, security, reliability, and privacy of ICBR’s services. Individual cores and services may have additional terms and conditions specific to those services

  1. De-Identification Policy – All human or other sensitive samples and data must be de-identified by the submitter prior to delivery to ICBR.
  2. Export Control Policy – ICBR assumes that samples are not subject to export controls. If they are, ICBR core staff must be notified by the submitter upon delivery, and costs to coordinate any necessary compliance are the responsibility of the submitter.
  3. Instrument Use Policy – All self service users are required to be trained on instruments by an ICBR staff member prior to first use. Generally, ICBR will not supply consumables or provide laboratory space for experiments associated with self service instruments. Self service users agree to abide by additional specific use policies of the individual core instruments.
  4. Instrument Reservation Policy – Self service users who do not arrive for their reservation may be billed for the reserved time. Frequent non-arrivals may have their instrument access revoked.
  5. Billing Policy – All ICBR billing is managed through myICBR. a myICBR submission number is required before work will be performed. Invoices are generated weekly and customers will be billed in stages for large products. Payment to ICBR is due within 30 days of invoice posting. If payment is not received, the myICBR lab account may be put on hold.
  6. Invoice Dispute & Credit Policy – All invoice disputes must be tracked through the dispute system in myICBR. In the event of a credit, funds will be returned only to the original source of payment.
  7. Food Policy – Food or beverages served within ICBR are not intended for use by persons employed by any UF departments that prohibit employees from receiving vendor provided refreshments. ICBR will not accept responsibility or liability to check individuals for compliance.
  8. Data Retention Policy – ICBR does not maintain long-term storage of customer data. ICBR is dedicated to enabling customer responsibility for data. The overarching policy of ICBR is to present to the customer all data products from a service – from raw data files to any analyses that are part of the service agreement – in a form that enables the customer to store, retrieve and reanalyze their projects or to re-engage ICBR in reanalysis.
  9. Sample Retention Policy – Sample materials that are submitted to ICBR by the customer will not be stored after the conclusion of the service. Upon specific request, unused sample materials that remain after processing may be made available for customer retrieval after the service is concluded, but ICBR makes no guarantee of sample storage beyond the time required for service processing.
  10. Room Usage Policy – All ICBR room use is subject to availability, and reservations must be made at least one week in advance. An attendee list must be provided no later than two business days prior to the reservation.
  11. Photography Policy – During the course of ICBR operations, the University takes photographs and records audio and video for various University purposes and to publicize ICBR services. In partial consideration and by virtue of use of ICBR services, users grant permission for the University to use their names, photographic images, likenesses, and biographical information by any means of visual or audio display that is now known or hereafter invented in connection with ICBR or other University purposes.