Andria Doty, PhD, is the New ICBR Cytometry Scientific Director

Published: April 26th, 2017

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Andria Doty, PhD, is the new Scientific Director in ICBR’s Cytometry Core.

When Doty was a kid she always loved science. She was fascinated with
picking up bugs, animals and taking things apart.

It wasn’t until she entered biology AP that her spark for science was ignited by her teacher, David Ely, PHD.

Ely became Doty’s first mentor. She credits him with recognizing her aptitude for science and pushing her. “He’s the reason why I got into it. All of my success in science is because of him,” Doty said.

Doty became a gator as an undergraduate and completed her bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Originally, she wanted to be a veterinarian and was a vet tech for over 15 years before she refocused her discipline.

An opportunity to join a lab came across and she took it.

Eventually, she found herself pursuing a PHD in Animal Molecular and Cell Biology.

Soon after, she took a job at Life Technologies sales rep in genomics and moved into the Field application
Scientist team, supporting Flow Cytometry and Imaging for customers.

Doing on site research with large scale projects such as the one at CHOP, developing a flow assay for rare cancer stem cells.

This experience made Doty recognize how valuable her skills were and forced her into reaching her full potential.

“Learning that 75 percent of what you’re going to do is never going to work. If you can expect and get through the failures, then the payoff is going to be worth it,” Doty said.

Doty believes that customer service is a huge part of ICBR.  She hopes to make researchers more successful by enabling them and educating first time flow users. Ultimately becoming a resource for UF researchers and scientists outside of UF who utilize the flow core instrumentation.

Doty looks forward to helping researchers with their projects. “When someone has been struggling with an assay and then everything falls into place for their research; it is rewarding to have assisted them” Doty said.

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