Angel Sampson, PhD, is the New ICBR Monoclonal Antibody Scientific Director

Published: April 26th, 2017

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Angel Sampson, PhD is now leading the Monoclonal Antibody Core.

Sampson received her first microscope in middle school- a gift that would foreshadow a productive career in interdisciplinary science.

Following her military service overseas, Sampson’s interests in computer science and electronics switched when introduced to biology, chemistry, and microbiology. She was fascinated with bacterial genetics and the natural transfer of genetic material between organisms. Obtaining her associate of science degree at community college was the defining moment when she devoted her career to the life sciences. Her curiosity went into overdrive with her first big discovery, as a UF Microbiology and Cell Science Master of Science graduate student.

The discovery occurred the night before Christmas Eve after a long day in the lab prepping for a biochemical assay that measured the formation of active vitamin B12 from an inactive form. The reaction required the reduction of B12, one of the strongest nucleophiles known to man.  “I was the first person on the planet to witness pdu enzyme mediated Vitamin B12 reduction in Salmonella. The discovery was exhilarating,” Sampson said.

“The adrenaline rush from that discovery was addictive.  The same feeling people have when they ski down mountains or jump out of perfectly good airplanes, only less scary. I knew that I wanted to do basic research! Once you have the sweet taste of victory, you crave more,” Sampson said

As a member of the Gator nation, Angel completed her bachelor and master of science degrees with the UF Microbiology and Cell Science Department and doctorate in the Immunology and Microbiology concentration of the Interdisciplinary Program with the UF College of Medicine.

Sampson has worked in a number of research areas including microbiology, glaucoma, wound healing, medical device biofouling, host pathogen interactions, oral biology, agriculture biocontrol, and molecular biology.

“I am a researcher who stands on the shoulders of all who have taught or mentored me,” Sampson said. “I am excited to be in a position that advances research through diligent service.”

Her goal is to provide excellent service and advice to her customers.

Sampson draws on her previous work experience of knowing how precious time is to researchers.

“A core facility provides a service that supports researchers by helping them to meet their research goals in a timely manner. The ICBR employs subject matter experts that are dedicated to their clients’ goals. The ICBR staff and faculty complete projects, sometimes across cores, with state of the art equipment. We at the ICBR are the champions of scientists!” Sampson said.

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