Become a Customer

The Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR) at the University of Florida serves as a world-class research support center that provides scientifically knowledgeable, technically superb services and access to cutting-edge instruments and methodologies.

To best serve customers, ICBR is organized into eight cores, each dedicated to science and technology, and providing a diverse array of services, resources, and expertise.

ICBR is committed to furthering research programs and enhancing grant success, offering proposal support to customers in addition to over 400 services. To learn more about our instrument capabilities and expertise, visit the instrument gallery or contact us.

Customers who wish to begin utilizing ICBR services should request a myICBR lab account. Step-by-step instructions and related forms are available below.

Requesting a myICBR Lab Account

All ICBR customers are assisted in creating an online myICBR lab account prior receiving services. Each lab account may have multiple authorized lab users who are able to log in to myICBR and create submissions on behalf of the lab. These submissions provide ICBR staff with project details and contact information, in addition to being associated with a pre-selected method of payment. Charges for services are added to submissions and customers receive e-mail notification when an invoice is posted.

Non-UF customers must request and create their Gatorlink user name and password, to be used to log in to myICBR, before they can request or be authorized on a myICBR lab account.

Non-Profit and Commercial Customers

  1. Use the Gatorlink request form to request Gatorlinks for lab members.
  2. ICBR will contact lab members via e-mail with information regarding creating Gatorlink user names and passwords.
  3. After all lab members have a Gatorlink, use the myICBR account request form to request a lab account.

UF Customers

  1. Compile the Gatorlink user names of lab members.
  2. Use the myICBR account request form to request a lab account.
Gatorlink Request Form

ICBR highly recommends that a Gatorlink is created for everyone who will need access to invoices. Information for at least one authorized user must be provided. This form may be submitted multiple times for labs with more than four authorized users.

  • List of authorized users:

myICBR Account Request Form

Please include all necessary information. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information may cause a delay in account creation. Customers who do not yet have a Gatorlink user name and password cannot request or be authorized on a myICBR lab account.

New customers are encouraged to review the myICBR Customer Guide for specific questions and navigation help. General questions may also be answered under myICBR Billing in our FAQ. Further questions relating to myICBR and account requests should be directed to

Making Changes to a myICBR Lab Account

To make any changes or updates to an existing lab account, including adding or removing users, the lab Investigator, Manager, or Financial user should e-mail with the requested changes or additions. All changes must be approved by the lab Investigator, Manager, or Financial user.