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Customers who wish to begin utilizing ICBR services must request a myICBR lab account.

New customers are encouraged to review the myICBR Customer Guide for specific questions and navigation help. General questions may also be answered under myICBR Billing in our FAQ. Further questions relating to myICBR and account requests should be directed to

Request a myICBR Lab Account

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Does each person in my lab need to have a Gatorlink and myICBR account? 
Yes, each person that will create service submissions for your lab should have an account. Each lab account may have multiple authorized lab users who are able to login to myICBR and create submissions on behalf of the lab. These submissions provide ICBR staff with project details and contact information, in addition to being associated with a pre-selected method of payment. Charges for services are added to submissions and customers receive email notification when an invoice is posted.

I’m not a UF student, staff or faculty member. Can I create a myICBR account and use your services?
Yes, non-UF customers can request and create Gatorlink and myICBR accounts to request services. First you must create a Gatorlink user name and password, which is used to login to myICBR, before requesting a myICBR lab account.

I only need access to ICBR invoices. Do I need a Gatorlink and myICBR account?
ICBR highly recommends that a Gatorlink is created for every user who will need access to invoices. Information for at least one authorized user must be provided. Without a Gatorlink, you cannot have access to myICBR.

Making Changes to a myICBR Lab Account

Complete this form to make changes to users authorized to use your myICBR lab account. All changes will be sent to and must be approved by the lab investigator, manager, or financial user.