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Workshop: Wet Lab and Computational Analysis

Published: Sep 17th, 2018

Next month, our NextGen Sequencing and Bioinformatics cores are collaborating with the Health Sciences Library.  They will offer a 4-part workshop on Next-Generation Sequencing and related analysis. Two sessions will be devoted to the wet-lab side of […]

Cytometry Faculty Search Committee

Published: Aug 28th, 2018

We are having faculty search committee meetings for ICBR Cytometry, please join us on Friday, August 31st, 4:00pm-4:15pm

CRISPR Arrives at ICBR

Published: Aug 16th, 2018

In collaboration with the UFHCC, ICBR is pleased to announce several new CRISPR genome editing services now available to the UF research community. The CRISPR/Cas9 system allows researchers to easily […]

Hands-on Flow Cytometry Training

Published: Aug 14th, 2018

The Cytometry core is now offering a new Flow Cytometry Short course for all new users once every 2-3 weeks on a rolling schedule. This course is required for all new […]

ICBR Bioinformatics contributed to a study on Gestational Hypoxia-Induced Cardiac Anomalies

Published: Aug 10th, 2018

ICBR Bioinformatics contributed to a study on “Mechanism Sharing Between Genetic and Gestational Hypoxia-Induced Cardiac Anomalies” Gestational hypoxia, such as seen in high-altitude pregnancy, has been known to affect cardiac […]

Cross-Core Collaboration Poster wins at ABRF Conference

Published: May 21st, 2018

A scientific poster presented at the recent ABRF Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach proved to be a winner! The poster describes a unique cross-core collaboration between ICBR colleagues Angel Sampson, […]

ICBR Cytometry Assists in Regenerative Medicine Research

Published: Apr 17th, 2018

Dr. Ana Conesa has designed a project to study the role of RNA splicing in the differentiation of neural stem cells into functional motoneurons and oligodendrocytes. The relevance of this […]

ICBR’s Cytometry Assists in Canine Cancer Research

Published: Jan 29th, 2018

Dr. Kirsten Jackson is a medical oncology resident at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. In her residency program she will complete a M.S degree project in her […]

ICBR Cytometry Core and the Cancer Center provides a new 16 Color BD LSR FORTESSA Flow Cytometer

Published: Oct 13th, 2017

The ICBR Flow Cytometry core now offers drop off sample service and self-service use of a newly acquired Becton Dickenson LSR FORTESSA Flow Cytometer. This instrument is an advanced 16 color […]

Is Your Monoclonal Antibody Authentic? Confirming Hybridoma Cell Line Identity by IgC cDNA Sequencing

Published: Sep 18th, 2017

Steven J. Madore, Ph.D., Associate Director for Science, ICBR Yanping Zhang, Ph.D., Scientific Director, ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping Core Angel Sampson, Ph.D., Scientific Director, ICBR Monoclonal Antibody Core Widespread […]