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ICBR Customers Make Strides in Conservation

Published: Feb 15th, 2016

Michael Kane, professor of environmental horticulture at UF/IFAS has been a long-time user of the ICBR Electron Microscopy Core. In 2014, he and his doctoral student Hoang Nguyen came to […]

Save time and money with simple westerns at ICBR

Published: Jan 13th, 2016

The days of traditional Western blots are over! Wes, an automated Western that takes place in a capillary, saves time and money. Wes automates all the steps of a traditional […]

UF & ICBR Closed for the Holidays

Published: Dec 9th, 2015

UF & ICBR will be closed for the winter break and holidays Friday, Dec. 25 through Friday, Jan. 1. ICBR will resume normal business hours on Monday, Jan. 4. Please […]

New to UF? Join us Dec. 3

Published: Nov 20th, 2015

Conducting Life Science Research with UF ICBR: Learn more about ICBR and how we can help move your research forward.

ICBR Gains New Associate Director for Science

Published: Oct 13th, 2015

ICBR welcomed Steve Madore, PhD, as the new associate director for science in September 2015. Madore has a strong background in molecular biology with expertise in biorepository science and genomics. […]

Expanded 2D-Gel Electrophoresis Services

Published: Oct 12th, 2015

The Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry core is now offering 2D-Gel self-service as well as full-service. 2D-Dige uses the combined techniques of classic 2D-GE, CyDye fluorescence tagging, sample multiplexing and image […]

Jin Koh, PhD, Promoted to Scientific Director for Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry

Published: Oct 2nd, 2015

Jin Koh, PhD began working at ICBR in 2010 as a postdoctoral associate in biology. He originally focused on plant biology, but soon shifted his focus to proteomics, working with […]

Welcome, Qiu-Xing Jiang – New Electron Microscopy Faculty Director

Published: Oct 2nd, 2015

Qiu-Xing Jiang, PhD, came to the United States to earn his PhD at Yale University and later pursued a postdoctoral position at Rockefeller University. Upon completion, he became an assistant […]

Upgraded High-throughput DNA Fragmentation Resources Now Available

Published: Aug 19th, 2015

The NextGen DNA Sequencing core upgraded its high-throughput DNA fragmentation resources – the Covaris S220 and E220 sonicators. The new units are available for UF researchers requiring precise and reproducible […]

NEW – More precise and sensitive digital PCR system

NEW – More precise and sensitive digital PCR system

Published: Jun 24th, 2015

The ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping core now offers digital PCR, providing increased resolution and sensitivity for DNA quantitation. ICBR now can provide you orders of magnitude greater sensitivity and digital precision to […]