NextGen DNA Sequencing Category

Workshop: 16s metagenomics and Ampliseq targeted sequencing in the IonTorrent

Published: Jun 16th, 2014

Providing the fundamentals of library construction and data analysis for 16S metagenomic sequencing and AmpliSeq™ targeted sequencing using the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM).

ICBR acquires Illumina NextSeq 500, MiSeq, and Life Technologies Ion Proton™ sequencers

Published: May 2nd, 2014

The ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing core has committed to increasing sequencing capabilities with the acquisition of three new instruments, available summer 2014. Customers will benefit from the full-service offerings, allowing […]

Using the PacBio: Importance of Long Sequencing Reads in Research

Published: Jan 31st, 2014

Jonas Korlach, chief scientific officer of Pacific Biosciences, and UF’s Eric Triplett, professor and chair of the Microbiology and Cell Science department, will present current applications of the PacBio platform […]

iLab: New web-based system will replace myICBR customer portal

Published: Dec 24th, 2013

ICBR is currently in the process of implementing a new web-based project management system, iLab Solutions. The iLab system will be the main customer interface for ICBR and will replace […]

UF/IFAS scientist’s work with Brazilian citrus greening genome could aid Florida industry

Published: Dec 13th, 2013

By Kimberly Moore Wilmoth, UF/IFAS A University of Florida researcher has mapped the DNA genome of a new strain of citrus greening that could further threaten Florida’s beleaguered $9 billion citrus […]

Serratia liquefaciens Genome Sequencing Accomplished in Two Weeks on PacBio SMRT System

Published: Sep 13th, 2013

The ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing core laboratory sequenced and assembled a whole bacterial genome, Serratia liquefaciens, in a matter of days using the Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Single Molecule, Real-Time Sequencing […]

Quick Turnaround Whole Genome Sequencing

Published: Sep 11th, 2013

The Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Single Molecule, Real-Time Sequencing (SMRT) system is the ideal tool when looking for a fast and complete genome sequence of prokaryotic organisms. Although many genomes have been […]

SEASR - Southeastern Association of Shared Resources

First Annual SEASR Meeting Success

Published: Aug 19th, 2013

The first annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Shared Resources (SEASR) in Athens, Georgia was a huge success for both Southeast biotechnology institutions and ICBR. The goal of the conference, […]

SOLiD AB 5500xl Services Discontinued

Published: Jun 25th, 2013

NextGen DNA Sequencing core laboratory no longer offers the SOLiD AB 5500xl sequencing platform or SOLiD EZ instruments within the ICBR lab. However, researchers who foresee still needing SOLiD sequencing […]

Publications: Sequencing and imaging in tsetse flies and termites

Published: May 31st, 2013

Last week was Bug Week@UF, a multimedia event geared towards educating Floridians’ on the pros and cons of insects, showcasing projects and programs across campus, and highlighting the strength of […]