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Illumina HiSeq® and MiSeq® Services Now Available

Published: Apr 25th, 2013

ICBR now offers both Illumina HiSeq® and MiSeq® services through the NextGen DNA Sequencing core laboratory. Have ICBR construct your libraries or supply your own. ICBR applies standard quality control measures […]

Seminar: Microbial Sequencing with the Pacific Biosciences System

Published: Mar 21st, 2013

ICBR and Pacific Biosciences will discuss how finished and complete microbial genome assembly enables correct identification of strain origins and large structural insertions.

Publication: Changes in the transcriptome of morula-stage bovine embryos caused by heat shock

Published: Mar 4th, 2013

Through the study of the transcriptomes of morula-stage bovine embryos, Peter Hansen and colleagues demonstrated that these embryos were largely resistant to heat shock. All sequencing and analysis were completed […]

PacBio® Read Length Increases to 5,000 Bases

Published: Dec 4th, 2012

Pacific Bioscience’s PacBio® RS High Resolution Genetic Analyzer will receive another enhancement to its DNA sequencing system. The update will feature extraordinarily long read lengths that average 5,000 bases. Pacific […]

ICBR Reduced Service: Wednesday November 14th

Published: Nov 7th, 2012

During ICBR’s Silver Anniversary Open House and Symposium events on November 14, 2012, ICBR staff will not be conducting research as usual. ICBR cores will be operating on a reduced […]

Core Name Changes

Published: Nov 1st, 2012

ICBR has recently changed the name of four cores: Electron Microscopy is now Electron Microscopy and Bioimaging, Genetic Analysis & Genotyping is now Genotyping, Real-Time PCR is now Quantitative PCR, […]

HiSeq sequencing for UF investigators

Published: Oct 18th, 2012

The ICBR now is offering commercial-grade Illumina HiSeq DNA sequencing services through Perkin Elmer. UF investigators can submit samples for single lanes of paired-end 2×100 reads; additionally, full plates (8-lanes) […]

Discovery in Motion Tour

Published: Sep 20th, 2012

The Discover in Motion Tour brings the science lab to you! Learn about analytical and sample preparation products. Receive instrument and software demonstrations Get answers to your questions   More […]

OpGen Seminar

Published: Sep 1st, 2012

A new paradigm for Sequence Assembly and Genomic Characterization. de novo Whole Genome Mapping: No Sequencing – No PCR – No Gels. Dr. Trevor Wagner, PhD, Sr. Applications Scientist, OpGen […]

AmpliSeq Cancer Panel

Published: Jul 10th, 2012

Life Technologies Ion AmpliSeq Cancer Panel allows translational and clinical researchers to fast-track oncology research by focusing directly on “hot spot” regions (739 COSMIC mutations in 604 loci) from 46 […]