Core Name Changes

ICBR has recently changed the name of four cores:

Electron Microscopy is now Electron Microscopy and Bioimaging,

Genetic Analysis & Genotyping is now Genotyping,

Real-Time PCR is now Quantitative PCR, and

NextGen Sequencing is now NextGen DNA Sequencing*


The name changes are due to ICBR’s commitment to have core names accurately signify the strength and diversity of each core. There has been no change in management and ICBR will continue to provide the same fine service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

Both myICBR and the ICBR website have been updated to reflect these name changes. If you have further questions about the name changes, please contact us.




*NextGen DNA Sequencing no longer appears as 6 separate cores in myICBR (previously: NextGen-454, NextGen-GAIIx, NextGen-IonTorrent, NextGen-PacBio, NextGen-SOLiD, and NextGen-Other). Please select NextGen DNA Sequencing when creating a submission to request any NextGen DNA Sequencing services.



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