The mission of the Genomics division is to provide life scientists affiliated with the University of Florida as well as other academic and commercial entities, with services and expertise using the most current instrumentation for specialized genetic data acquisition at a reasonable cost. We are equipped to assist investigators at any stage in their research, from experimental design and sampling strategies though publication.

Core Laboratories

Gene Expression

The Gene Expression core provides state-of-the-art technical services and consultation on Affymetrix and Agilent gene expression arrays and miRNA arrays, RNA-seq libraries, sequence capture libraries, SOLiD SAGE barcoding, and up-to-date gene expression analysis methods, allowing scientists to be on the cutting edge of research.

Quantitative PCR services are also provided by the Gene Expression core. Instruments include those which support SYBR® or TaqMan™ reagents allowing absolute, relative, relative standard or comparative Ct quantification. Applications may include quantitative gene expression analysis, pathogen detection/quantification, allelic discrimination (SNP detection). Self-service training and instrumentation are also available. The DIGITAL PCR DROP-OFF SERVICE allows customer to do absolute quantification, rare allele detection, quantification using TaqMan SNP array and CNV (Copy Number Variation) in a more sensitive, specific, and precise way.

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The Genotyping core provides a variety of genotyping services including fragment analysis using the Advance FS96 and AB3730 (96 capillary technology), development of microsatellite libraries using 454 sequence data, Illumina SNP and gene expression data, and genotyping using mouse tails or ear punches. The core has extensive experience in applying state-of-the-art molecular technology to studies in population, conservation, ecological, and evolutionary biology.

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NextGen DNA Sequencing

The NextGen DNA Sequencing core provides quality, massively parallel, high throughput sequencing data using the most current instrumentation, such as PacBio, 454, Ion Torrent (PGM), and Illumina, covering a broad range of sequencing applications for biological research. Customers are encouraged to consult with core staff for the purpose of tailoring data acquisition to specific research questions.

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Sanger Sequencing

The Sanger Sequencing core provides capillary-based automated DNA sequencing. One-lane sequencing processes, which use four-dye fluorescent labeling methods and a real-time scanning detector, are used. The sequencers automatically perform the electrophoresis, call the bases, and archive the data. Customers are alerted when sample runs are complete and data are available for download.

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