Detailed information about ICBR laboratories is on each core page. Contact a specific ICBR core lab at the address below to discuss scientific services and availability of instruments. Please visit our Self Service page for information on self service instruments offered in various cores.

Note: CRISPR services are located within our Gene Expression & Genotyping Core



ICBR will no longer be accepting DNA samples for Sanger Sequencing. Customers requesting Sanger Sequencing can contact GENEWIZ, Inc. [] or Eurofins [] and utilize their easy on line systems for placing sequencing requests. After completing the sample submission requirements, samples for Sanger Sequencing can be deposited for free shipping to each vendor in the approved drop off locations in the ICBR lobby in the GCRC. Please note that Human Cell Line Authentication and MLPA load only services will now be available in the ICBR Gene Expression and Genotyping [GEG] Core. These services can be ordered via the ICBR CrossLab (iLAB) portal on the GEG home page.

Questions? Please Contact:

Steven Madore, ICBR Associate Director for Science, at or 352-273-8038.