The Bioinformatics core provides services and expertise on experiment design and analysis of large-scale data sets acquired from next-generation sequencing, gene expression, and mass-spectrometry analytical technologies. In collaboration with biologists, the Bioinformatics core interprets genomics and proteomics data by applying data-analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques. It will also develop project-specific services, tools, and web applications such as automated data analysis pipelines, high throughput bioinformatics tools, custom databases, and custom web applications for customers as requested.


The Bioinformatics core assists researchers with projects including: transcriptome and genome annotation, metagenomics, next-generation sequence analysis, statistical and functional analysis of array-based data, proteomics data analysis, phylogenetic analysis, and genome-wide comparison.



DiBiG offers extended participation in externally funded research grants, with the goal to provide comprehensive bioinformatics support, specifically tailored to the evolving needs of long-term research projects. DiBiG staff engage in longer-term support for research projects where having dedicated bioinformatics personnel is essential for winning proposals.

DiBiG Resources


DiBiG Services include:

  • Development of ad-hoc analysis software and computational pipelines;
  • Data analysis, visualization and interpretation (including BigData applications);
  • Assistance on project design and proposal preparation;
  • Use of high-performance computing infrastructure;
  • Development of research-oriented websites and web-accessible resources.
  • Database design, development, and integration;

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