Electron Microscopy Core gains new Scanning Electron Microscope

Published: June 3rd, 2015

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On April 20th, ICBR’s Electron Microscopy Core installed a new Scanning Electron Miscroscope (SEM), the Hitachi SU5000.

The new SEM can process samples up to 80 mm in height and up to the width of a CD. The smaller the sample, the larger the magnification with a maximum magnification of 300x what the human eye can observe.

The Hitachi SU5000 also allows researchers to condense the imaging process into a few hours depending on the number of samples.

Formerly, using the lab’s Hitachi S4000 required using critical point drying techniques, which can take up to three hours. The sample would also require a sputter coat, which can take two hours or more and may also affect the detail in the images. With the Hitachi SU5000, researchers can skip these steps.

Researchers at ICBR can also learn to use the new SEM in just 30 minutes. With the S4000, researchers had to take three three-hour training sessions over the course of three different days to learn to use the microscope.

Kim Kelley, the electron microscopy lab technician, also spoke to its user-friendliness. It is very difficult to commit a mistake with this new model, she said.

Unlike its predecessor, it will prompt the user with the next step and will also keep the user from proceeding if the sample has become contaminated or if any other error occurs.

“The researchers that have been in here so far are totally shocked of what this SEM can give to them,” Kelley said.

To schedule your project, please contact the Electron Microscopy core, ICBR-ElectronMicroscopy@ad.ufl.edu.


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