First Annual SEASR Meeting Success

SEASR - Southeastern Association of Shared Resources

The first annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Shared Resources (SEASR) in Athens, Georgia was a huge success for both Southeast biotechnology institutions and ICBR. The goal of the conference, hosted at the University of Georgia in Athens, was to provide an opportunity for networking among life science core laboratories, and for core staff to interact with colleagues, share technical advice, and discuss the continuing challenges associated with the operation of shared research resources and technologies. Moreover, SEASR represents an important opportunity to exchange information specifically relevant among facilities in the southeastern United States.

A large contingent from ICBR attended the meeting, networked with regional colleagues and vendors and participated in vendor and scientific workshops, as well as discussions on broad-reaching core management issues. Many ICBR core laboratories also presented research and service posters during the poster sessions.

In times of tightening budgets, core facilities play an even larger role in advancing research at UF and beyond. Organizations like SEASR and its parent organization, the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF), help core facilities remain current in their technologies and cope with increasing regulatory burdens. They also provide great opportunities for collaboration, expanding capacity, and maximizing research investments.

The second annual SEASR meeting will be in Nashville, TN in fall 2014.

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