Continued Dedication to Genotyping Services at UF

Published: July 25th, 2013

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After approximately 20 years, Ginger Clark, Scientific Director of the Genotyping core laboratory, is departing ICBR at the end of July, 2013. Those of us who have worked closely with her, and the scientists whom she has served so generously, will miss her dearly. We are grateful for Ginger’s dedicated service and wish her well in the next adventures.

While Ginger cannot be duplicated, ICBR’s dedication to Genotyping will continue. During the transition period, Nedka Panayotova, currently in the NextGen DNA Sequencing core, will coordinate all services in the Genotyping core laboratory. Nedka brings to the laboratory many years of experience in high throughput SNP genotyping, as well as exceptional dedication and organization skills.

We would like to assure all Genotyping customers that ICBR remains committed to the uninterrupted support of all existing genotyping services. These include: high throughput SNP genotyping (using Illumina beadchips and the Bead Array Scanner), mouse genotyping, DNA fragment analysis (using the Advance FS96 and AB3730 instruments), development of microsatellite libraries (using 454 sequence data), etc.

For a full list of ICBR genotyping services, please review the list of services within the Genomics section of the ICBR Service Fees. For a friendly consultation, interested users can contact us by email,, or by telephone, 352-273-8045.

Stay tuned for future news about ICBR’s Genotyping core lab capabilities.



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