Now Available: High-Throughput Library Preparation

Published: July 21st, 2014

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The ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping core has increased its capacity to serve customers with acquisition of the Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handler NGS Workstation. The instrument makes high-throughput NextGen library preparation available to to researchers within and outside of UF at a lower cost and faster turnaround time.

Up to 96 libraries can be processed simultaneously (minimum of four samples). Agilent’s Bravo Automated Liquid Handling platform enables automation of a wide range of critical Genomics applications – including PCR, microarray analysis, and NGS protocols. The available NextGen library preparation protocols available include, but are not limited to:

  • Agilent SureSelectXT/XT2
  • Agilent SureSelect RNA Library Prep and Target Enrichment
  • Agilent HaloPlex and HaloPlex Exome
  • Illumina TruSeq RNA/DNA
  • Illumina TruSeq Exome/custom Enrichment
  • KAPA HTP Library Preparation Kit for Illumina
  • NEBNext Ultra DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina
  • NEBNext DNA Library Prep Master Mix Set for Illumina
  • NuGEN Ovation RNA-Seq System V2 for Illumina

New protocols can also be developed by the ICBR team to accommodate your library preparation project. To learn more about these available services and protocols, please contact

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