Hurricane Season Preparation

Published: May 31st, 2017

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  • HurCon 4 – A tropical depression, storm or hurricane with potential to impact any part of Florida.
  • HurCon 3 – A tropical storm or hurricane watch including any part of Alachua County.
  • HurCon 2 – A tropical storm or hurricane warning including any part of Alachua County.  UF Closure may occur.
  • HurCon 1 – A tropical storm or hurricane of any category expected to impact any part of Alachua County within 24 hours.  UF Closure likely to occur.

UF Closure – Anytime UF Campus officially closes due to tropical weather.  This is announced via the UF web page and the UF emergency notification system (text messaging, etc.).

Essential personnel – Any person required or allowed by the Director to be present at ICBR during a UF Closure.  All essential personnel must be registered with UPD prior to close of business or at the time essential activities are necessary.  Non-essential personnel are not permitted at ICBR during a UF Closure.


Emergency Evacuation Plan for Administration


Outline the steps to take and identify responsible parties of each in the event of 30-minute notice for an emergency evacuation lasting 3-4 days.

Guiding Principles

  1. Personal safety is the first concern. Do not do anything to endanger yourself or anyone else.
  2. ICBR business operations are secondary to personal safety.


Steps* Action Primary Secondary
1. Notify ICBR-All Connie Heather
2. Notify Greg to lock doors Brandi Heather
3. Change 8030 voice mail message Receptionist Brandi
4. Change email auto-reply messages Everyone
5. Change direct line voice mail messages Everyone
6. Post laminated sign on two main entry doors Chris Receptionist
7. Close and lock all office and cabinet doors Everyone
8. If time, update website Chris CI
9. If time, update myICBR, iLab (or similar) announcements iLab: Nadia

myICBR: Connie

iLab: Connie

myICBR: Brandi

10. Shut down computers (optional) Everyone

*These steps are listed in priority order. Only do as many as can be safely accomplished before the deadline to evacuate or personal safety is jeopardized.

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