ICBR core name changes effective July 1

In order to better represent the UF ICBR cores and their services, each Core will now stand independently on the first-level navigation on the website effective July 1. This reduces the number of clicks between you and the services you seek.

Four cores are merging into two: Genotyping core will merge under Gene Expression to form one “Gene Expression & Genotyping” core. The Protein Biomarkers core will merge into Mass Spectrometry to form a new “Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry” core.

Additionally, three other cores will undergo name changes to better reflect the services offered. The Electron Microscopy and Bioimaging core will become “Electron Microscopy,” Flow Cytometry will simplify to “Cytometry,” and Hybridoma will be changed to “Monoclonal Antibody.”

A summary of changes will result in the following organization of ICBR cores:


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