ICBR Cytometry Core and the Cancer Center provides a new 16 Color BD LSR FORTESSA Flow Cytometer

Published: October 13th, 2017

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The ICBR Flow Cytometry core now offers drop off sample service and self-service use of a newly acquired Becton Dickenson LSR FORTESSA Flow Cytometer. This instrument is an advanced 16 color 4 laser (BL/RD/VL/YG) 18 total parameter analysis cytometer. It  has an advanced optical deck with the next generation of PMTs and DAQ boards for optimal data collection and sensitivity from BD. It provides superior sensitivity, reliability and overall robustness to our cytometry core lab.

This instrument was designed to accommodate large color panels up to 16 colors for applications like Immunophenotyping. It can also be used for combination panels with intracellular transcription factor or intracellular cytokines, or simply for better selectivity for smaller panel with the use of the Yellow/Green laser for the most common Fluorophores. This system was designed with a the following layout 2 channels off the Blue laser, 3 off the Red, 5 off the Yellow/Green and 6 off the Violet laser. This configuration opens up 3 new additional violet channels for uses such as for rare population or low signal detection. It has better sensitivity of detection for Fluorescent protein detection off the Yellow/Green laser.

ICBR Flow Cytometry Core offers Staff-assisted analysis and sorting, Drop off sample analysis services, as well as self-service usage on most of our instrumentation. We offer complete training programs for students, staff and faculty researchers, as well as outside biotech companies on all of our self-service systems to use our instruments independently 24/7. We also offer full application support, consultation for project and experimental design, assistance with  data analysis in FCS express 6.0 and soon we will also offer this with Flowjo next Spring 2018. Please contact the ICBR Flow Cytometry Core at ICBR for your research needs

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