ICBR Gains New Associate Director for Science

Published: October 13th, 2015

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ICBR welcomed Steve Madore, PhD, as the new associate director for science in September 2015.

Madore has a strong background in molecular biology with expertise in biorepository science and genomics. He has also managed several large core laboratories.

Most recently, he worked as the director of biobanking and molecular biology at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research. In this capacity, he managed four different labs: karyotype cytogenetics, molecular biology, cell culture, and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Madore was responsible for bringing in automation and updating many of the methods and protocols used at Coriell.

He also greatly affected the overall culture at Coriell. Before starting there, Madore said each lab felt like its own separate entity.

“I was proud of the way I went in there and changed that culture so there was a lot more cross talk,” he said.

Madore grew up in Western Massachusetts and received his undergraduate degree in microbiology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Later, he completed his graduate degree in cellular and developmental biology from the State University of New York-Stony Brook.

As a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Duke University School of Medicine, Madore had the opportunity to work under Bryan Cullen, PhD. During this time, he worked on two particular proteins found in the HIV virus: TAT and Rev.

“One of the things we discovered…is that the TAT protein is very important for turning on the viral genes. We were able to show…how that process works,” he said. They were also able to determine protein sequence requirements for Rev multimerization in vivo.

He soon began working in the pharmaceutical industry with companies such as GSK-GloxoSmithKline and Pfizer.

At Pfizer, he was able to lead a small group that was using microarrays for gene expression with the Affymetrix technology, a new technology then.

“I was a scientist by training but now I had to manage people and that was really eye opening to me,” he said.

He developed procedures used for Affymetrix at Pfizer and also developed a robust core group, which published many papers.

Madore says his time in this industry cemented his love for using technology to advance science and also helped develop his management style.

The associate director for science at ICBR is instrumental in leading large project management, inter-core science development, and new technology acquisition.

“Dr. Steve Madore brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the commercial biotech and instrumentation sectors and is widely considered an expert at project management within large core laboratories,” Robert Ferl, PhD, Director of ICBR, said, “It will be great to have that perspective within the Associate Director portfolio as ICBR moves forward.”

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