ICBR Sanger Sequencing service has transitioned to commercial vendor

Published: October 5th, 2016

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Dear ICBR Colleagues and Customers;

          After decades of service to the UF community, the ICBR has transitioned Sanger operations toward commercial vendors and other facilities within ICBR. The Sanger Sequencing Core will cease as a stand alone core. We expect a very smooth transition during this process, with no disruption in terms of continuing to provide our customers with high quality sequencing reads for plasmid inserts and PCR-based templates.  Customers should continue to utilize the on line ordering form available on iLAB and drop off DNA samples at the ICBR.

           If you have questions regarding the transition, please contact our Associate Director for Science, Dr. Steve Madore (SMadore@ufl.edu). If you have technical sequencing questions, please continue to contact the core directly at ICBR-SangerSeq@ad.ufl.edu. We thank all of our valued customers for their support over the years, and we remain committed to ensure that all your DNA sequencing needs are fully met, now and in the future.


Rob Ferl

ICBR Director

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