ICBR wins UF Green Team of the Year

Published: April 16th, 2013

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The ICBR earned Green Team of the Year as part of the University of Florida’s Champions for Change award program. The award was presented on April 5 at the 2013 University of Florida Campus Earth Day Celebration.

UF Green Teams develop sustainability initiatives within departments and participate in campus-wide sustainability projects. Organized by the Office of Sustainability, the goal of a Green Team is to contribute to the greater green effort outlined in the Vision for a Sustainable UF.

Many green projects implemented at ICBR over the past few years led to this campus-wide honor. How were we able to lead by example and implement award-worthy change with only 58 staff members?

Here are a few examples of how ICBR was able to reduce, reuse, and recycle within our biotechnology facilities:

  • Hosted the 2011 Water Symposium: In collaboration with the Water Institute and Office of Sustainability, ICBR presented “Water Conservation Symposium: Global, Local, and What You Can Do”, which included lunch and prizes.
  • Eliminated printed staff directory: ICBR no longer prints a staff directory but updates the listing on our website.
  • Sponsored a light bulb exchange: Exchanged incandescent bulbs for new, more efficient CFL bulbs
  • Sponsored a bag exchange: Exchanged plastic grocery bags for reusable ICBR Green Team-branded bags
  • Sponsored a water bottle exchange: One metal water bottle was exchanged for every 5 plastic water bottles
  • Encouraged central printing and eliminated need for desktop printers
  • Offered green on-campus transportation: ICBR offers a bike or Segway to any staff member who needs to travel around campus
  • Traded in two state cars for one newer model
  • Placed “Chomp Down on Energy” stickers on all light switches in ICBR
  • Emails monthly “Green Tips” and included additional “Green Tips” in monthly staff communications
  • Setup recycling programs with vendors or other departments on campus for Styrofoam coolers, freezer gel packs, packing peanuts, packing paper, and sheet glass. 

Check out other award winners and celebration activities on the Sustainable UF Facebook Page.

The ICBR continues to create innovative ways to “go green” within our center.  We are proud of our accomplishments and encourage any other department on campus to consider what changes, big or small, can be made to improve campus sustainability.

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