Illumina HiSeq® and MiSeq® Services Now Available

Published: April 25th, 2013

Category: All News, Announcements, NextGen DNA Sequencing

ICBR now offers both Illumina HiSeq® and MiSeq® services through the NextGen DNA Sequencing core laboratory. Have ICBR construct your libraries or supply your own. ICBR applies standard quality control measures to all libraries in order to maximize success.


Illumina HiSeq®

The Illumina HiSeq® produces up to 400 million paired-end reads per flow cell lane, yielding approximately 40 Gb. Applications include whole genome DNA sequencing, transcriptome analysis, SNP discovery and structural variation analysis, methylation, and small RNA discovery.


Illumina MiSeq®

ICBR now offers a complete, fully integrated personal sequencing suite with the Illumina MiSeq®. This platform has improved sample prep, library QC, and automated data analysis.
Contact NextGen DNA Sequencing core lab for project-specific questions.

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