New Genotyping Core Scientific Director

Published: September 11th, 2013

Category: All News, Announcements, Gene Expression and Genotyping

Ernie Almira, PhD, been named the new Interim Director of the Genotyping core Lab. Ernie brings to the position many years of experience in the management of core laboratory services. Among the ICBR posts he has held include Scientific Director of the DNA Sequencing Core Facility (now Sanger Sequencing), Director of Genomics Division, and Section Director of Special Projects. He is currently one of the Project Managers of NextGen DNA Sequencing. The Genotyping core provides a variety of genotyping services including fragment analysis using the Advance FS96 and AB3730xl (96 capillary technology), development of microsatellite libraries using NextGen’s 454 sequence data, Illumina SNP and gene expression data, and mouse genotyping. ICBR is committed to the continuous support and further improvement of these important services for the benefit of our research community.

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