Now Offering Human Cell Line Authentication

Published: July 22nd, 2015

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Human cell line authentication (CLA) service is now available at ICBR. Confirm your cells’ identity and purity, saving¬†time, data and funds.

Cell line authentication is required by many journals, including Cancer Research, Cell Biology International, Nature journals and many more.

Authenticate cells during key project milestones or hurdles:

  • Acquisition of new cell lines
  • New project initiation
  • Inconsistent results and cell behavior
  • Prior to publication
  • Prior to freezing

How cell lines are authenticated:

  1. Analysis by Short Terminal Repeat (STR) profiling (PCR-based method) is the gold-standard
  2. Deliver sample to the Sanger Sequencing core in CGRC
  3. STR analysis is performed using GenePrint 10 STR System
  4. Results returned within 5 business days
  5. Search the ATCC STR database and compare results

Image above: Example STR Profile provided to customers to verify cell lines

For more information or to authenticate your cells, contact the Sanger Sequencing core,

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