Paul Chipman named new Electron Microscopy Interim Scientific Director

Published: January 15th, 2015

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We are pleased to announce Paul Chipman as the Interim Scientific Director in the Electron Microscopy core. Paul, assistant director for research in the Macromolecular Structure Group of the University of Florida College of Medicine, has worked alongside the Electron Microscopy core staff for almost four years. Paul is an expert in electron and cryo-electron microscopy, and can advise investigators with project design and implementation.

Paul has more than 20 years of experience managing electron microscopy facilities. Prior to UF, he was the director of Purdue University’s Biological Electron Microscopy Facility, where he spent several years overseeing the design and construction of a new, state-of-the-art EM facility. Paul joined UF in 2011 and accepted a new challenge, to start a cryo-electron program for UF’s Macromolecular Structure Group and ICBR. As a new interim scientific director at ICBR, Paul will maintain dual roles across the two groups.

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