qPCR Becomes Part of Gene Expression

Published: October 8th, 2013

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Gene Expression & qPCR

The Gene Expression core lab began overseeing all Quantitative PCR (qPCR) projects on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Pulling qPCR into Gene Expression streamlines workflow, provides consistency and one point of contact for customers whose projects oftentimes transfer between the two processes.

After 15 years of service with ICBR, Sharon Norton transitions from her role as Scientific Director of qPCR to join a private lab in Central Florida. We wish her much luck and happiness in her new position. Sharon’s departure allows ICBR to evaluate how best to address customer needs in the qPCR core. As such, combining the labs under one core and with one director offers more services in one place.

Yanping Zhang, PhD, Gene Expression Scientific Director, says she “is looking forward to working with all current and new qPCR customers, especially to consult with PIs on their specific projects.”

Yanping, who has been with ICBR since 2009, previously worked in the department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, specializing in new genes involved in cell death pathways and epigenetic regulation controls of irradiation-induced proapoptotic gene expression in Drosophila embryos. Within the ICBR Gene Expression core, Yanping manages Affymetrix array, Agilent gene expression, and miRNA array projects, as well as RNA-seq library and sequence capture library projects.

By pulling qPCR into Gene Expression, customers receive a continuous workflow for their gene expression studies, starting from genome-wide gene expression analysis using microarray to data validation by qPCR.

ICBR is committed to the continuous support and further improvement of these important services for the benefit of our research community through the Gene Expression core.

For more information or a free consultation, please email ICBR-GeneExpression@ad.ufl.edu or call 352-273-8043.

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