Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: Pipette Tip Boxes

Published: April 9th, 2013

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April is here, and on the University of Florida campus we all know what that means – Earth Month! In celebration, ICBR would like to share some tips to reduce, reuse and recycle pipette tip boxes in labs across campus.

UF takes sustainability seriously and the ICBR is no exception. One of our biggest concerns is the waste produced by pipette tip boxes. Pipettes are used in many of our core laboratories, and oftentimes pipette tip boxes find their way to the trash can instead of the recycling bin.

Diane Duke, Hybridoma senior biological scientist, created a pipette tip box alligator for the ICBR Green Team contest

The ICBR Green Team hosted an internal contest seeking the most effective way for us to eliminate as much of this plastic as possible. Contest entries included saving the boxes to give away, creating art projects, using the boxes as gardening pots, and the winner suggested that all ICBR pipette tips should be purchased through manufacturers who offer recycling programs or refillable pipette tips that do not require new boxes each time.

With ingenuity and some brainstorming, ICBR staff and the ICBR Green Team have made strides to change our behavior and will strive to decrease the waste cause by pipette tip boxes.

Go Green with Pipette Tip Options

The ICBR Green Team is committed to changing behaviors within our center and providing examples of real waste reduction, reuse and recycling at UF. Look for more green updates throughout the year.

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