RNA Extraction Service Upgrades and Changes

Published: July 11th, 2013

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Now available, the RNA Extraction service has expanded to allow UF customers to provide their own reagents, slightly decreasing the service fee. The price has been reduced to $40, from the standard $50 with reagents provided by ICBR.

In light of the additional options, the Quantitative PCR core laboratory will now handle all RNA Extraction submissions. Consultations are required prior to sample gathering and submission to ensure appropriateness of the service, and to evaluate the need for additional procedures prior to RNA Extraction.

Important notes before submitting your samples:

  • Consultation is required prior to sample gathering or submission. Please contact the Quantitative PCR core laboratory.
  • RNA Extraction is currently only available to UF customers.
  • For unique or uncommon sample sources, customers are encouraged to provide a test sample for protocol validation. Subject to standard fees.
  • Samples must be removed as soon as the service is complete. Long term storage is not available.
  • Fees:
    • RNA Extraction, Reagents Included – $50 (UF customers)
    • RNA Extraction, Reagents Provided by Customer – $40 (UF customers)
    • At this time, no high-volume discount is available.


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