Save time and money with simple westerns at ICBR

Published: January 13th, 2016

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The days of traditional Western blots are over! Wes, an automated Western that takes place in a capillary, saves time and money. Wes automates all the steps of a traditional Western and reduces hands-on and experiment time. There are no gels, transfer devices, blots, film or manual analysis.

Up to 24 samples can be processed in a single run and three hours of instrument run time is all it takes to provide clear results available in multiple views. For example, the analysis software for Wes provides data in a lane view or an electropherogram view for relative quantitation and molecular weight determination. (Side-by-side comparison of a traditional colorimetric Western and a Wes simple Western are shown below.)

Each Wes capillary is self-contained. A Wes assay can include multiple protein samples and different primary and secondary antibodies without cross talk between samples or cutting samples into strips for immunodetection. Mutiplexing is also possible.

Transitioning between traditional Westerns and WES typically requires at least one optimization assay.

The ICBR Monoclonal Antibody Core staff will gladly help you optimize your Wes assays as part of our full-service package. We also provide training so that customers may utilize Wes as a walk-up instrument at a reduced fee. Trained users will then be able to reserve time with Wes through an online calendar.

In addition to Wes assays, the ICBR Monoclonal Antibody core offers a complete suite of monoclonal antibody development services, including, but not limited to monoclonal antibody production, quantitation and purification. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact

Wes vs. Traditional Westerns

  • $8.00 per capillary (self-service) or $9.00 per capillary (full-service) for 25 capillary assay vs. $10.00 per lane for a 10-lane minigel traditional Western
  • Requires 5x less protein
  • Utilizes much smaller volume of immunodetection reagents: 10 ┬Ál of primary antibody, secondary antibody and substrate.
  • ProteinSimple Compass Software is freely available. Customers may download the software and build their assay and perform analysis in their own lab.




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