Business Services

Business Services is devoted to providing excellent administrative support and the best and most courteous customer service for ICBR customers in areas that support the research, education, and service missions of the University of Florida.

Business Office

The Business Office assists ICBR staff and UF affiliates with professional administrative support, including providing quality fiscal services such as invoicing, purchasing, asset management and reporting. The Business Office supports the education of ICBR’s staff members and customers, as well as scientists, technicians and students worldwide by providing and assisting with seminars and demonstrations designed to stimulate communication and collaboration between scientific vendors, ICBR services, and the research community at large.


Cyberinfrastructure delivers research-specific computing resources, services, and support to ICBR members by providing an integrated environment where instrumentation, infrastructure and interfaces function seamlessly to minimize time-to-discovery. Cyberinfrastructure develops and manages a storage infrastructure capable of managing information generated at ICBR, with mechanisms to enable customers and ICBR staff streamlined access.

To contact the Business Office or Cyberinfrastructure, e-mail