Self Service

Customers interested in using ICBR instruments for self service will need to be trained by ICBR staff before they are able to reserve an instrument for self service use. Instruments available for self service are listed in the table below and noted as such in the instrument gallery. Reservations are required unless otherwise specified.

Self Service Steps

  1. Review ICBR’s Instrument Use and Instrument Reservation Policies.
  2. Request a ICBR account by following the steps on the Become a Customer page.
  3. Contact the core to schedule a consultation or instrument training session.

Once a customer has been trained on a self service instrument, they will gain access to that instrument’s reservation calendar. Customers will need to create a submission ID, as instructed by core staff.

Instrument Reservation Calendars

Only customers that have been trained by an ICBR staff member will be able to access the self service instrument reservation calendars.


Self Service Instruments

CoreInstrumentRequest Training or Consultation
CytometryUnion Biometrica BioSorter*
CytometryFACS Calibur (MBI-1)*
CytometryLSR (CGRC)
CytometryLSR (MBI)
Electron MicroscopyHitachi H-7000 TEM*
Electron MicroscopyHitachi SU-5000
Electron MicroscopyFEI Spirit TEM 120kV*
Electron MicroscopyDenton DeskV Sputter coater*
Electron MicroscopyFEI G2 F20 TEM 200kV*
Electron MicroscopyBal-Tec CPD*
Electron MicroscopyHitachi S-4000 FE-SEM*
Electron MicroscopyLeica CM1950*
Electron MicroscopyPelcoBioWavePro*
Electron MicroscopyPelcoBioWave*
Electron MicroscopyOlympus BH2*
Electron MicroscopyRMC PoweTomeX*
Electron MicroscopyTousimis CPD*
Electron MicroscopyZeiss Confocal*
Electron MicroscopyVitrobot*
Electron MicroscopyUltracut R*
Electron MicroscopyNikon Optiphot-2*
Electron MicroscopyMicrom Microtome*
Electron MicroscopyLeica EM UC7*
Electron MicroscopyLeica EM Trim*
Electron MicroscopyLeica EM AFS2*
Electron MicroscopyLeica HPM100*
Electron MicroscopyLeica Ultracut UCT*
Electron MicroscopyMeiji Imaging station*
Electron MicroscopyLKB 7800 Knifemaker*
Electron MicroscopyLeica Vibratome*
Gene Expression & GenotypingAB 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR
Gene Expression & GenotypingBioTek/ Epoch Microplate
Monoclonal AntibodyOctet QKe
Monoclonal AntibodySpectramax M5 Multimode Microplate
Monoclonal AntibodyBioTek Synergy H4 Multimode Microplate
Monoclonal AntibodyMillipore Direct
Monoclonal AntibodyProteinSimple
Monoclonal AntibodySpectraMax
Proteomics & Mass


* Additional Core Facilities

For the convenience of our customers, some ICBR instruments are located at additional core facilities. Locations and directions to additional core facilities are below. All of ICBR’s core facilities are located on the main UF campus.

Electron Microscopy and Bioimaging: Microbiology and Cell Science Building

The Electron Microscopy and Bioimaging MCS facility is located in lab room 1012 of the Microbiology and Cell Science Building, at the intersection of Museum Dr. and Memorial Rd. Click here for directions.

Flow Cytometry: McKnight Brain Institute

The Flow Cytometry MBI facility is located in room L3-160 of the McKnight Brain Institute, across Newel Dr. at the Health Science Center. Click here for directions.

Note: The Flow Cytometry instruments that are located in the MBI facility are noted as such in the instrument gallery.