SOMAscan Assays Now Available at ICBR Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry!

Published: September 9th, 2016

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After months of preparation and hard work, ICBR PM core has been certified to do SOMAscan assays for customers at UF, in the US and around the world. Two of the team members Ran Zheng (Chemist) and Dr. Cecilia Silva-Sanchez (Senior Chemist) have been through two weeks of rigorous training at the headquarter of SomaLogic Inc. and on-site at ICBR PM core. Today, we were notified that their test results have passed the technical specifications and the company evaluation. This is a big achievement. Now ICBR PM can provide SOMAscan services.

The SOMAscan assay is one of the most powerful protein biomarker discovery tools. It includes 1,310 different SOMAmer reagents, which are slow off-rate modified aptamers highly specific for respective cognate protein biomarkers. The assay measures 1,310 protein analytes in only 50-150 ┬Ál of different biological matrices. It offers exceptional dynamic range of protein quantification (from femtomolar to micromolar) and excellent reproducibility (4.6% median %CV).

With this official certification, ICBR is excited to provide our community access to the SOMAscan technology on a simple fee-for-service basis. A SOMAscan kickoff workshop/symposium will be planned in the near future. If you are interested in learning more about using the technology, please contact us ( Please refer to the company websites ( and for more information.


ICBR PM core is looking forward to working with you to accelerate your biomarker discovery efforts

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