Topics in Cellular Science Series began March 19

Published: June 3rd, 2015

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The ICBR began a series of seminars on March 19, which will feature industry professionals and vendors. This series highlights new instrumentation or technologies related to cells such as: imaging, assays and analysis of cells and proteins. We hope the information presented at these events is helpful for keeping UF scientists abreast of new developments in these areas.

Registration for the following events is required. Prospective attendants can find registration forms on each of the event pages. Refreshments will be provided at each event.

Check the series calendar for any updates to the events. For more information, please contact us,

  • March 19 — Promega Cell Line Authentication

    • Speaker: Lisa M. Ortuno, M.S, Ph.D., Clinical Technology Development Specialist, Promega Corp.
    • In this talk, the use of Promega’s STR Systems will be discussed with particular focus on implementing their use for researchers and labs desiring to authenticate their human cell lines.
    • Specific topics will include sample preparation, STR kit considerations, profile analysis, and database searching and matching.

PDF-icon Promega Cell Line Presentation

  • May 19 — Automated Fluorescence Microscopy and Live Cell Imaging

    • Speaker: Sarah Guadiana PhD, Field Applications Scientist, BioTek Instrument
    • Introduction to the Cytation 5 Automated Microscope including brightfield, color brightfield, fluorescence and phase microscopy, as well as a brief overview of Gen5 Image+ software capabilities.
  • June 9 — IncuCyte ZOOM System: Time-Lapse Imaging around the clock

    • Speaker: Jeremy Myers, Field Application Scientist
    • CGRC Room 451 A/B | 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
    •  The IncuCyte is an automated phase contrast and 2-color fluorescence imaging system that is designed to work with live cells inside your incubator, where they can survive for weeks. This enables long term time-lapse imaging of multiple vessels at the same time.

PDF-icon IncuCyte Presentation 

PDF-icon Wes Best Practices Presentation

PDF-icon Wes PowerPoint Presentation

PDF-icon ForteBio PowerPoint Presentation

PDF-icon Millipore PowerPoint Presentation



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