Upgraded High-throughput DNA Fragmentation Resources Now Available

Published: August 19th, 2015

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The NextGen DNA Sequencing core upgraded its high-throughput DNA fragmentation resources – the Covaris S220 and E220 sonicators. The new units are available for UF researchers requiring precise and reproducible DNA fragmentation. This fragmentation service prepares DNA samples for procedures with ChiP-seq and other NextGen DNA sequencing library construction protocols. ICBR provides all instrument accessories for the Covaris E220 that allow investigators to work with varying volumes.

Additional benefits:

  • Isothermal process that doesn’t require adding ice chips or processing in a cold room.
  • Dynamic range of DNA concentration as starting material. There is no minimum DNA concentration limit.
  • Regardless of DNA concentration, the same settings will generate the same fragment size range. No need for running a time course to optimize shearing.
  • Very fast total processing time of DNA shearing. No need for rest periods of an off and on time.
  • On average, the focused acoustics of Covaris uses 150 times less energy to shear your samples than a probe or water sonicators. That translates to a gentler shearing that is more efficient, consistent and controllable.
  • Inaudible sound waves that allow users to fragment DNA without earmuffs or disruptive sounds.

Please contact ICBR-NextGenSeq@ad.ufl.edu to schedule training and service.

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