Win a free Fluidigm single-cell study!

Published: March 10th, 2016

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Enter for the chance to receive a free Fluidigm single-cell study! Simply fill out the one page submission form below and leave your completed submission form at the Fluidigm drawing box at the Genomics Tools Showcase, which will be held April 13th 2016 in CGRC Room 101 and CGRC Room 133. The winner will be announced during the Fluidigm seminar that day.

Fluidigm_Single-Cell Study Application

Examples of studies include:

  1. Molecular characterization of a flow sorted population of immune cells
  2. Exploration of the heterogeneity of a section of tumor tissue
  3. Profiling of a highly variable system, such as various regions of the brain
  4. Developmental studies to characterize the markers responsible for cell fate decisions

The study will include:

  • up to 2 C1 capture chips
  • up to 2 Biomark 96.96 Gene Expression chips (if necessary)
  • up to 96 Deltagene assays (if necessary)

*Additional study requirements, experimental design and data analysis support will be provided by a Fluidigm application scientist.

Fluidigm will cover all consumable costs for a targeted gene expression run. Investigator will be responsible for sequencing costs when selected and certain 3rd party reagents.

For more information, please email the ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping Core at or call (352) 273 – 8043.

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